Halal Food

Halal Food and Drink

Islam teaches that not all things are meant to be consumed. There are foods and drinks that are harmful to our bodies and souls and these should be avoided. God has provided us with many good things to enjoy, and has commanded us to avoid certain things which will cause us great harm.

“he commands them for the good things, and forbids them from harmful things…” (The holy Qur’an 7:157)

Halal Food

Halal food is an expression for food that is permissible to eat in Islam.

Foods that are not derived from animal products are Halal.

As for foods which are derived from animal products, the following rules apply (in brief):

– The animal in question must have been slaughtered according to the rules of Islam. This includes a merciful method of slaughtering the animal, so that it suffers for the least possible time. Animals which are permissible to eat if slaughtered correctly include chickens, sheep, goats and cows and most fish.

– Any product derived from pigs or dogs is forbidden.


Any alcoholic drink is forbidden. Any food which contains brewed alcohol is also forbidden.